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ScienceScapes Berlin

ScienceScapesBerlin is committed to scientific standards and ideals about providing objective assessments in arguments, about facts and circumstances, regarding occasions and incidents. ScienceScapes is dedicated to give partners and customers a comprehensive, not one-sides, balanced insight into the state of affairs, fields of investigation and conclusions.


ScienceScapesBerlin can draw on years of experience in research on history of mobility- and technology, historic social-scientific and cultural areas.


ScienceScapesBerlin is serviced by Dr. Gunter Heinickel, M.Sc. With a Masters´degree from the London School of Economics and a Ph.D. fromt the European University Institute Florence in the history of elites and leadership-groups, Gunter Heinickel moved from the field of nobility to mobility. After many years on social-scientific and historical topics about traffic, tourism-development, mobility-biographies, mobility-cultures and the related fields of spatial development, he combines and focuses his fields of expertise in the role of a researcher, consulting author and project developer for enhancing international knowledge and technology transfer.